Boats, Boxes and HTML5

Left/Right arrows move boat.
Spacebar 'jumps' the boat.
R key refills the boat with boxes/rocks.

In the 14 months since I last posted here Flash has recessed evermore into the ground. It's been a long time since I used Haxe, and given its capacity to compile to seemingly every language, there seemed little point reverting to OpenFL, the Flash API in Haxe framework. I decided to try out Flambe, another high level 2D game engine for Haxe with a focus on simplicity that compiles to HTML5, Android + iOS (with Adobe AIR), and the ever hard to get rid of Flash. Of course the biggest selling point is that it is not based off of the the Flash API, and coupled with a well designed entity-component system it is probably the easiest to learn games framework I've used, certainly the least tedious.

Flambe works easily with Nape, a Haxe physics engine that's a thousand times nicer to use than Box2D, if less powerful, and so a few hours into learning the demo above was born. Fast WebGL rendering, great asset management, speedy compile times; Flambe really is a step up from my experience with OpenFL. I'm looking forward to playing about with it more, it really is an impressive engine.